+ this amount donated before Daily Karma was installed: $200

July - September (2021)

In support of The American Trans Resource Hub.

  • July Donations Receipt (Available 8/15)
  • August Donations Receipt (Available 9/15)
  • September Donations Receipt (Available 10/15)

April - June (2021)

Starting April 08, 2021, donations are split equally among all supported charities. The sales report and donation receipts are now combined in one document where all information is visible.

In support of Pride Portraits and The Center for Black Equity

January - March (2021)

Sales Report 

  • Lambda Legal (5% of all proceeds excluding campaigns):
  • Center for Black Equity (25% of proceeds from the BLM campaign):
  • Other Donations: One-time $100 donation to The 519 in honor of Jordan Foster (@therivrjordyn): Donation Receipt

September - December (2020)

Sales Report | Even though our sales were unprofitable this period, I make sure to donate at least $25 to each charity.

  • The National Center for Transgender Equality (5% of all proceeds excluding campaigns): Donation Receipt
  • Dem Bois (25% of proceeds from the BLM campaign): Donation Receipt

Founded - August 2020

I wasn't able to produce a sales report for this period due to error on my part, however, not enough sales were made during our start-up period to have a significant impact, anyway. So, a donation of $25 was made to both organizations to have a greater impact.

  • Trans Lifeline (5% of all proceeds excluding campaigns): Donation Receipt
  • The Okra Project (25% of proceeds from the Black Lives Matter campaign): Donation Receipt