Our Pledge

Outtire is proud to support LGBTQ+ charities as they work to secure equal human rights for queer and all people! We've pledged 5% of all sales to various LGBTQ+ charities and organizations for as long as we exist.

You can see who we're currently donating to by checking the banner at the top of the website. All donations come directly from our profits and we cover processing fees so the charity receives 100% of the donation.

Donation Transparency

In April 2021, we partnered with DailyKarma to improve the way we support queer organizations. DailyKarma partners with The GoodCoin Foundation to process payments to charities. The GoodCoin Foundation holds a donor-advised fund that is pre-loaded by DailyKarma so when transactions are tallied, funds can be distributed within 30 days. Donations are tallied on the 3rd business day of every month. After that, it takes 1 - 2 weeks before The GoodCoin Foundation processes the payment to our selected charity via check. 

If you there's an LGBTQ+ charity you want us to support, please contact us with their name and we'll reach out to them!

You can view the donations we've made so far here.