Writers Club

Join the Outtire Writers Club and earn Outbucks for writing blog posts on queer topics! We're looking for writers who want to write about LGBTQ+ topics like:

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • TV & Theatre
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Business and Money 
  • LGBTQ+ News

For every blog post you write, you'll earn Outbucks. The number of Outbucks will be agreed upon before you start writing.The amount of Outbucks you'll receive is based:

  1. 70% on the length of the post and;
  2. 30% on your writing experience

You can apply today by filling out the form below. After reviewing your submission, someone will reach out to discuss topics Outtire currently wants to write about. All posts are publicly attributed to you as the author.

After applying, make sure to join, The Outhouse, our Discord server for our community, so you receive instant updates on everything happening in the Writer's program and all else Outtire!

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